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Trials and Tribulations of Automating Receipt Ingestion

You've just gone out for a meal with a friend. You take a picture of your receipt with your phone. Within moments, all pertinent information is extracted and sent to Splitwise, the expense-sharing service you use. This is the dream I had recently when manually ingesting a large number of receipts. Being a programmer, naturally I spent more time realizing this dream than it would have taken me to manually digitize every receipt I will ever receive.

I thought I was so clever controlling my 3D printer from Python, until this…

This is the story of a recent failure of mine. Nobody was hurt an nothing was broken, but it was humiliating and a big waste of my time.

Anyone who has calibrated a delta 3D printer with the manual method knows how tedious it can be. After setting up a bed probe on my printer, a process I discuss in my previous two blog posts, I wanted to automate this calibration by commanding my printer through Python. I wasted my time.

Aluminum Foil Diaper Makes a Pretty Good Bed Probe

Every 3D printing enthusiast knows that the first layer of a print is the most important. All the subsequent layers are built on top of this one, and its adhesion to the bed is what holds the entire print in place. Modern printers often use bed probes to compensate for slightly warped beds and to achieve a perfect first layer every time.